With ingenious.PIM you get two in one: data storage and interface to other programs. The product information management system loads product data from different sources like article databases or supplier systems. Then it stores and manages the data in a central location. Enriched with videos, texts and images you can create extensive product descriptions. These descriptions are perfectly prepared for publishing in web shops, printed ads or online marketplaces.

  • management of article data for producing and trading companies
  • media-neutral storage of data to allow an ideal further processing



  • import of existing data from your ERP software
  • collection of product descriptions from other online marketplaces
  • collection of prices and availability information (Supply Chain Management)
  • preparing of article data for reuse or multiple use
  • enrichment with audio, video and high definition images
  • publication in web shops, online marketplaces and printed catalogues
  • passing to backend ERP-systems
  • automatic synchronization
  • multilingual; different currencies possible
  • fail-safe because of the implementation of several web cluster


  • fulfillment of cross-media purposes (i.e. creation of printed catalogs or the production of content for a web shop)
  • show information relevant for sales,  production as well as communication
  • provide data sheets in different languages
  • connective link between external systems like ERP systems and web shops