• completely paperless production within your company
  • digital forwarding of production steps and instructions to the working stations
  • variety of output devices (i.e. tablets, barcode scanner)
  • maximum flexibility in planning your production process
  • integrated cutting optimization
  • multilingualism

Save time, money and paperwork using the software ingenious.PPS. Learn more about the specialties of the system!



Different output devices

  • sending of measurement sheets and production documents to a tablet – clearly arranged as a sheet of paper and environmentally friendly as well
  • sending of PPS-positions to a label printer using a barcode scanner
  • scanners provide the retrieval of the production status giving a permanent response after each work step

Individual planning

  • splitting or bundling of orders possible
  • individual planning of several work steps
  • cutting optimization by grouping same or similar positions

International usage

  • 6 different languages selectable: German, English, French, Dutch, Czech and Slovenian
  • different measurement systems as well allow the international usage of the software