Alutech United, Inc.

Alutech United  – an American company with German roots


The Alutech United Inc. has been one of the first US-customers of Ingenious GmbH. In June 2006 the business relationship started at a trade fair in Florida. At the exhibition “World of Hurricane Protection” the Ingenious team showcased its software development in the US-market for the first time. As Alutech Inc. has been very impressed by the diversity of the product they placed their order for the industry software in the fall of 2006. “When I first heard from the software I immediately recognized it will be a great help to our company. definitely fits our needs. “, says Joe Schanz, the president of Alutech United Inc. is an ERP solution which is used especially by trading companies and production plants. Because of its great flexibility the software is highly appreciated by manufacturers with multiple product variants (e.g. the shutter industry). After having been completely redesigned and overhauled the software is now available as ingenious.V12. “The new design and the new features of ingenious.V12 completely convinced our employees. The intuitive operation and the appealing user interface leave nothing to be desired.” explains Joe Schanz.

Interestingly the roots of Alutech United Inc. are in Germany. In 1971 Hans Schanz founded a company in Baden-Württemberg, Germany which should become the market leader in manufacturing of asymmetric shutters very soon. In the 1990s Hans Schanz handed over the business to his son Holger and the company kept prospering. After that Holger’s brother Joachim Schanz expanded into the USA. As the president of Alutech United Inc he’s still managing the businesses today. According to Alutech itself, George Pfaller, the general manager of the company, made Alutech United to what it is today: a company which is represented at two US-locations (Selbyville, Delaware and Sarasota, Florida).

The implementation of the Ingenious software solution in 2006 merely forms the basis for a great cooperation between Ingenious and Alutech. Together with the manufacturer of rolling shutters the Ingenious team developed a new ordering system for specialist dealers of the shutter industry. In 2008 and 2009 the new “Dealer Ordering System” was showcased in the US-market during joint trade fair appearances. George Pfaller comments on the software: “Most dealer questions arise around pricing and costing of shutters. With the Dealer Ordering System we found a simple tool that allows dealers to calculate shutters with a few mouse clicks. All discounts are included automatically. As a result you get fewer questions and more information. That’s how we can feed our major customers with information more quickly. All in all our business processes have been considerably simplified.”

After the implementation of the “Dealer Ordering System” the Ingenious team began working on a further development of the software. They created the independent browser-based software solution ingenious.WEB. That program offers complex product configurators which are fully integrated into the software. Especially manufacturers with multiple product variants can benefit from ingenious.WEB because it offers great possibilities to create customizable products like sun protection or hurricane shutters. Also Alutech United recognized these benefits and had the software implemented in January 2010. “Our major customers register considerable savings of time and they really appreciate the ingenious.WEB software. Using the self-explanatory product configurator the order error rate is decreasing.” explains the president of Alutech United Inc., Joe Schanz.