ChicagOne Developers

ERP‐software expands into the US market


Beginning in 2006, began a   successfully expansion in to the U.S. market.  Our cross-border cooperation began with ChicagOne, a rapidly growing  manufacturer and distributor in the Midwest, whom we first met at the R&T Trade Fair In Stuttgart, Germany.  Darryl Hicks, President of ChicagOne, recalls the first meeting : “ I was instantly impressed with the capability of the Ingenious software to completely run my day to production and front office at the same time.

ChicagOne Developers was established in 2000 and has since made quite a name for itself throughout North America.  Their impressive client list includes  Chicago Public Schools and educational facilities throughout the state, Firestone Tire Centers, and a nationwide pharmacy chain.  In addition, ChicagOne has serviced over 10,000 residential  customers  in its’ 12 year history.   In that time, the company has developed as both a manufacturer and distributor of a variety of  shutter products.  The product line includes shutters geared for security, fire protection, insulation and storm protection.  All of these applications are available in a variety of styles and colors, providing customers with a virtually limitless menu of options from which to choose.

Needless to say, managing the inventory needed to maintain such a diverse product line requires powerful and flexible ERP-software.  In 2006 ChicagOne began using software to literally run the business.  “I chose Ingenious because it gives me the ability to make changes and updates on my own as the business continues to grow, without having to depend on the developer,”  said Hicks.  The package of programs utilized by ChicagOne have been tailored to fit the EXACT needs of the company.  After consulting with our experts at Ingenious, for example, ChicagOne decided on a client/server system utilizing shared access of multiple work stations.  This allows ChicagOne employees to access the system from remote locations such as home offices, the warehouse, or even in the field.

But the power of Ingenious only begins there.  Our ‘Peachtree Export’ module, developed especially for the U.S. market, provides a platform for exporting all relevant data directly into ChicagOne’s  financial accounting program.  According to Hicks, “The time and labor savings have been tremendous.  Now we can spend less time moving numbers and more time moving shutters.”  Another  “Ingenious” feature integrates technical drawings and parts lists for the production department, created automatically upon order entry.  This feature immediately adjusts stock for every component of the shutter, and even sends alerts when pre-determined par levels are hit.

One other important feature of is the online dealer ordering system.  This system allows rolling shutter retailers across America to place an order or get a quote immediately and directly online.  After login, dealers are directed to their own personal ordering platform, customized to fit their  specific needs.   Retailers are then able to modify, print and track orders, literally transforming dealers into ChicagOne sales representatives.  This system is also used by ChicagOne’s own sales team, giving them the ability to generate accurate quotes for customers on the spot.  In addition, the representative can immediately send an order into production,  eliminating valuable lag time.    This integrated system makes it possible to quote, order and track all projects in real time, dramatically reducing the through-put time from quote to installation.

All of these features have led to a considerable increase in productivity for ChicagOne.  The Ingenious software has allowed the company to expand its’ business to business operation, through the ability to support a nationwide network of customers and installers.  Recently, ChicagOne entered into a maintenance contract with one of the U.S.’s leading drugstore chains.  By utilizing Ingenious, along with a network of sub-contractors, ChicagOne can locate failures within the system and fix them as quickly as possible.

Ingenious software is merely one of the reasons ChicagOne has been able to triple its revenue since 2006, but according to Hicks, “We almost certainly wouldn’t be where we are today without Ingenious.  I would recommend to anyone looking to build their business.”