Schanz Rolladensysteme GmbH

Being a strong team: Schanz GmbH and the IT company Ingenious


The family business Schanz is using the software since 2007. After four years the managers take stock and come to a very positive conclusion. “After the implementation of the software our workflow has been remarkable optimized” explains Holger Schanz.
The manufacturer for roller shutters mainly produces special solutions for asymmetric glass faces. Using the software of Ingenious the company has found a solution that perfectly fits its needs.

The Schanz GmbH has established already 34 years ago and it stands for great quality in sun protection. The family-owned company, headquartered in Simmersfeld near Stuttgart, is managed by the brothers Holger and Joachim Schanz. In 1995 the manufacturer for roller shutters expanded into the USA. The subsidiary Alutech United Inc. in Delaware is managed by Joachim Schanz since 2001. In 2005 the company merged with the Wiga Star GmbH and today the market leader Schanz Rollladensysteme GmbH has a staff of 58 employees. In 2006 a further subsidiary has been founded in Switzerland.
These developments led to the fact that the old-fashioned software solutions no longer met today’s standards of efficiency. “We were using different old software solutions which weren’t longer maintained by their developers. It was time for a new program.” says Holger Schanz. When the managers and the employees heard they would need just one comprehensive software package to manage their day to day business, they were really happy.
Since 2007 Schanz Rollladensysteme GmbH is a satisfied Ingenious customer. Holger Schanz explains: “The modules of the package perfectly fit our needs. All employees became acquainted very quickly with the new program.” Actually the software is very user friendly. For example to ensure an easy orientation several functions or user interfaces are highlighted in different colors. For example there are the main features “Contacts”, “Products”, “Workflow” and “Purchase”.

Within the contacts tool you can save master data of your customers and suppliers as well as individual special conditions. Particularly for manufacturers with multiple product variants it might be useful to safe customized measurement data with the help of preset templates. Steffen Schanz, the business administration manager is really excited about the software: „Finally I get all the important customer data at a glance within only one program. For a successful CRM the contacts feature is worth a mint.” Also the essential business indicators are stored within the contact database. Also the Technical Manager Norbert Wurster appreciates the bundling of customer data: “I basically work with the “Workflow” module which is very helpful in summarizing documents and giving an overview about my projects. For example I can pool several offers of one customer into an order. With these data I can create a timetable for my field staff.” Well, not every employee needs all the features of the “Workflow” module – that’s why offers different solutions for the different needs in productions, sales, logistics and billing. That way every employee only can see certain parts of the software in his user interface.

In August 2007 the Ingenious team added a new function to which has been created especially for the field staff. Since then they don’t need to double count the ordering data anymore. They just need to sync their notebooks and the server data. That way the field staff is able to create an offer or an order during a customer meeting and send relevant data straight to the production department of Schanz GmbH. “Using this feature our workflow became more and more efficient. Since our field staff is able to send orders just-in-time to our headquarters we can guarantee an even more quickly order processing.” says Holger Schanz, the general manager.

Also the sales department of Schanz GmbH makes intensive use of the article features of Not only all of the articles and its pictures can be stored in the database but also complex parts lists and production documents can be created by the software.
Extensive sun protection elements are represented in parts lists considering all variants of the product. Then the user is provided a checklist to calculate the product. The product configurator which is intuitive to use, really facilitates the day-to-day business. “The feature is a great opportunity to give a quick and noncommittal answer about prices – particularly in case of customer inquiries by phone. That way we convey professionalism and expertise to our customers.” Norbert Wurster explains.

The feature “Purchase“combines all of the information about suppliers, receiving and shipping. That way you can see your supplier’s sales or outstanding items at a glance. Furthermore an automated ordering system is possible using With the help of consumption data the software knows which items need to be ordered. “Especially the automated ordering system made our day-to-day work much easier.” Holger Schanz says. As Schanz GmbH produces more than 3000 shutters a year that feature is really necessary.

Well, it’s not only the four modules described but also many more features which belong to You can also organize your administration by using the ERP software. “The project time tracking tool and the one that helps you to delegate tasks are really useful.” the general manager explains. Different interfaces to your online banking account or your accounting software can optimize your workflow as well.

The software can be extended and customized to perfectly fit the user’s needs. “We are able to tailor the software to our customer’s particular needs.” Falk Jahr, the general manager of Ingenious GmbH, explains. Once the program has been implemented changes are still possible. If there are any more software-features needed, the Ingenious team certainly likes to give advice and fulfill the customer wishes. Joachim Schanz, the president of Alutech United Inc., is excited about the Ingenious service: “The outstanding short response time of the developer team really impressed me. Every time I needed some changes, extensions and new features in my software, they completely satisfied my wishes. Ingenious knows our branch.”