Wittich Verlage KG

Ingenious software convinces customer in the publishing sector


In 2009 Ingenious GmbH acquired a customer in the printing and publishing sector: the Linus Wittich publishing house. The company with a workforce of 900 is publishing official journals nationwide which offer relevant information to the citizens of a community. The printing business belongs to the activities of Wittich KG as well.

Above all the company wants to provide people of small communities with local news. This news mostly contains information concerning the everyday life: Which doctors are on duty? What time does the service take place? Or which blockbusters are on screen right now? To keep this news up to date a vivid exchange of information between the Wittich KG and the communities or advertising customers is necessary. To guarantee a fluently and quickly communication a complex IT structure as well  is required. The software development of Ingenious GmbH simplifies this structure. “First of all the reorganization of our network provides the disclosure of our data imports. The CMShttp server makes it possible to create a public data interface for the production data base without publishing it online. That procedure fits perfectly our safety standards.” explains Dietmar Kaupp, the general manager at the Föhren location of Wittich KG.

The publishing company is using three different modules. One of these is distributing the internal object master data to the 400 affiliated municipalities. For security reasons the local data bases of the municipalities should not be permanently connected to the production data bases at the Wittich KG.
The second program is transmitting the articles to the locations of the publishers. That way about 20.000 editors from churches, clubs and organizations can type their content directly into the system which is a web based interface.
Thereupon a third module provides the municipal employees with these articles. If necessary the content can be imported fully automatic into their local data base.  Furthermore the program is transmitting the finished articles from the local communities to the publishers. There are different transmitting scenarios for this purpose. That’s how the system can be customized perfectly to fit the security standards of the communities.

Until now the content of the brochures has been created by the different municipalities and has been send to the publisher Wittich KG. That was where the employees imported the articles into the official journals which could be set in type as a next step. That way of data transmission has been fault-prone sometimes; for example if somebody forgot the copy deadline or somebody imported an article in the wrong space. Subsequently the whole brochure might not be printed on time. With the help of CMShttp, the new Ingenious software development, mistakes can be avoided and processes are simplified. “We now can move many articles automatically into our system, which our employees used to type by their selves. Thanks to the Ingenious development we really could improve our workflow.” Dietmar Kaupp says.

The new Ingenious middleware is based on modern web service technologies. The program is forming the interface between the individual systems of the 13 Wittich locations and the 900 affiliate communities. That way an easier and faster communication between the publishers and the communities is guaranteed. The program automatically passes the community data to the data bases of the several Wittich locations. That’s how the interfaces, which are maintenance free, make the day-to-day business of Wittich KG easier. Dietmar Kaupp, the general manager of the Föhren location, is really encouraged about these improvements: “Because we have heard already about many excellent references we accosted the Ingenious team with our request. The developers totally catered for our needs. We are very happy with the result.”