Services around the ingenious software

Data transfer and personalization

Data transfer

If you’re not new to starting your business, you’ve probably already “collected” a lot of data in another software solution. Of course, you want to preserve and reuse this data.
You want to continue using your customer base with its project history. This is easily possible with ingenious.

We offer the takeover of at least 99% of all cases
  • the individual articles,
  • the customer data,
  • any special price rules and
  • project heads.

Project header data are the project addresses, numbers, and totals. Thus, evaluations are also possible for past years.

In many cases, depending on the legacy software, the individual project positions can also be taken over.


You want to stand out from the competition and attract attention? You want to shine with your customers with attractive and clear offers?

In the ingenious software, all text templates are freely customizable to your corporate design. With the help of placeholders, such as project addresses and free elements, such as a company logo, content and design elements can be freely arranged on the templates.

You can customize the included sample templates yourself, or you can rely on our experience and commission us with the design of your documents.

Individualization of your installation

The ingenious software already covers a broad range of functions in the standard scope. Additionally, module licenses allow you to quickly and easily extend plus features, such as the module for exporting sales data for inclusion in an accounting program such as Quickbooks.
Also here is not the end.

Our developers are happy to take on any challenge to customize and extend the software to your liking. We focus entirely on your operational procedures. No matter if you need a small function to evaluate individual data or an entire statistics module, the possibilities are endless.

Many of the features included in ingenious have been implemented at the request of our customers.

Trainings for individual users and groups

We offer tailor-made trainings for different user groups to work with ingenious. Regardless of whether individual employees have to be trained or a department is to be instructed in a new module, every training is tailored to your needs.

Also the extent and the way of the training are free tailorable.
Answering collected questions of individual employees can be realized quickly and easily via remote maintenance. For the training of several employees to the entire program an on-site appointment in the company is certainly more appropriate.

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