Mobile, digital inventory with ingenious, barcode scanners & Co.

Gone are the days when employees sit in the warehouse with counting lists and manually record stocks. Using barcode scanners or other data collection devices, articles are quickly identified in ingenious and stock levels are written directly to the software. No one has to type in manual lists anymore. The inventory lists are created electronically, filled in automatically and finally recorded by a qualified employee after final check. Each inventory document contains a chosen article selection, eg according to stock, vendor or product group.

Likewise, incoming and outgoing goods bookings can be recorded during operation in order to keep inventory information up to date. With the direct booking a goods receipt or goods out is booked immediately.

Mobile data recording thanks to digital inventory

  • Mobile data acquisition via any browser-enabled devices, such as tablets, barcode scanners with display, smartphones, …
  • Article search by barcode or entry of article number
  • Direct booking of goods receipt or issue and inventory values
  • Collect and book inventory values ​​in inventory documents

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