Enter incoming receipts in the ingenious software

Incoming receipts must be recorded chronologically in an invoice receipt book. The ingenious receipt entry module makes this possible in a comfortable form with different categorization and evaluation possibilities.

Payment terms are monitored via color indicators and bank transfers can be created directly in ingenious and transferred via SEPA to a bank program or online banking.

With the document link and various filter and search functions, transactions are quickly found and can be easily assigned to sales orders. Complaints are done in no time.

Details and functions of the receipt entry module:

  • Receipt Entry List View: Overview of all incoming documents (supplier invoices), color identification by due date, export to a Microsoft Excel file, filtering by due date, time period, vendor and payment method
  • Various individual views / evaluations / print reports: invoice receipt book, open items, …
  • Entry of documents: supplier assignment, amounts separated according to VAT rate, gross or net entry, due dates, cash discount deduction, method of payment
  • Payments: Partial payments, SEPA export for transfers

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