Scheduling and time recording in the ingenious software

The ingenious project times module is more than just a scheduler. At the same time, it is used for time recording and as service report for invoicing.

The scheduling takes place in a comfortable calendar view. Here, the appointments of different users or teams can be displayed side by side. A new appointment is created by button or by dragging and dropping a project document. This automatically gives the appointment a link, for example, to the sales order with all the necessary details.

The evaluation of working hours for the invoicing takes place in a clear list view. Here you can filter by project, customer, employee / team and / or commission to summarize all service times for a bill run. By linking to the invoice and coloring by billing status, no entry is lost for billing.

Details and functions of the project times and dates:

  • Project time recording list view: Recording of project-related working hours for billing, scheduling of employees – field work appointments, assembly teams, …; color-coded by billing status, filtering by period, employee, commission, billing status
  • Project times details: Time log or appointment per user or team, log or planning of start and end time, reminder function, title and detailed description text, link to a project / customer, date type and status
  • Commission administration: Grouping of appointments in commissions, monitoring of planned times, target / actual, determination of percentage fulfillment, warning on utilization, duration of the commission, link to a contact
  • Team management: creation of permanent teams, alternatively dynamic teams, assignment of users via drag & drop
  • Calendar view: Display by day / week / month, display one or more users / teams, drag & drop create an appointment with project links, tasks and memos

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