Order processing and accounting in the ingenious software

„I really need urgently …“. Thus or something like that most inquiries of your customers begin. In the today’s fast moving time everybody needs everything immediately. Ingenious.basic helps you to fulfill their needs for short-term quotes. You can write proposals for your customers fast and easy. You can automatically purchase needed parts and you can straightforwardly organize the production, the delivery and the installation. And all this without annoying thumbing through a catalogue or pricelists.

Into a project document the stored products from the database can simply be inserted. Customer-related special prices will be included as well as general scaled prices. All needed items will be re-ordered as needed, those for direct order and also the parts from product configurators. Your employees in the production will be supported in their work by the production papers stored at the configurators. These contain all characteristics of each order conditioned.

With filters, search and reports you keep track of all open processes and also can analyze events and sales of the past years.

Details and features of the project documents:

  • Project entry / items: Document creation in a WYSIWYG view with any tabular layout of the items; Free design of the project documents with texts, pictures, prices, sums, …; Diverse item types: piece- , m-, sqm-items and free positions, alternative and optional items, multi items, calculation with scaled prices, 2-dimensional price lists, with customer related special prices, …
  • Payments: Overview of all incoming payments, open amounts, maturity; control of the dunning
  • Times: assigned project times and appointments
  • Stockkeeping: Searching of stock movements / materials consumption
  • Price info: Analysis of the price composition
  • Documents & Notes: General documents and notes about the project
  • Own fields: Own individual fields for various project data
  • File attachments: Assignment of external documents to a project

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