Product management in the ingenious software

Ingenious’s product management stores all individual articles, services and auxiliary articles.
In order to keep track, the articles can be grouped and stored in different, self-defined directories. Predefined and free filters are then used to call up the articles you are looking for, for example, for use in documents or for price information.

For each article individual details can be stored.

Management of the product catalog in detail

  • Article texts : simple texts, formatted descriptions
  • Prices : Purchase price, sales prices, individual prices, graduated prices, 2-dimensional price lists, time-dependent prices, percentage dependencies PP / SP, …
  • Ordering data : Supplier assignment, order proposal, article dimensions, minimum stock, delivery time, …
  • Images : one or more product images
  • and file attachments : various external documents, manuals, catalog pages , videos, …

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