Purchase orders and materials management in the ingenious software

The purchase order function in ingenious offers you a convenient way to organize your purchase order system. Using information from the article database and the project documents created, the entire warehouse management in your company can be automated. Of course, the manual execution of orders in the software is possible, too. With individual text emplates the software can also directly fill in individual order forms from different suppliers.

Details and functions of the purchasing order module

  • Order Wizard: Scan of open stock quantities, transfer of consumption data from project documents, consideration of individual items from product configurators, differentiation of stock items and order picking
  • Orders List view: Display of all orders by filtering by status, period, supplier, user, color code by status
  • Orders Detail view: Acquisition of order options in an editable print preview, any tabular arrangement of items, free design of order documents with texts, images, prices, totals;Individual order documents per supplier, booking of goods receipts
  • Individual views / evaluations / print reports: supplier turnover, open order items, …

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