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Business software for small and medium-sized companies

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Software for trade, commerce and industry

With the Ingenious enterprise software, our customers rely on a professional application to optimize their operations. Each of our customer projects focuses on the structuring of all business processes and the resulting time savings. The functional spectrum of the ingenious software covers the needs of different companies. The software has profiled itself above all in the manufacturing of components and in particular in the roller shutters and sun protection sector.

The Ingenious software is developed by a longtime team of experienced software developers using modern technologies. The software is available in different languages ​​and can therefore be used globally. Our customers include companies from Germany, Europe and North America.

Ingenious has been a leading provider of industry software for more than 15 years.

Advantages and benefits of the ingenious software

For you as an entrepreneur

With ingenious you always have all business transactions in view

      • Structured collection of all business transactions
      • Central access to current and archived projects
      • Flexible evaluation of customer information and sales
      • Fast training of new employees
      • Data protection through flexible user rights assignment
For you as a user

With ingenious you save time through routine processes

    • intuitive operation
    • Clear presentation, logical links
    • Own views
    • Time savings through quick access, routine procedures
    • extensive reference book
For you as an administrator

With ingenious you rely on leading technologies with easy maintenance

      • Backup and maintenance with Microsoft Board resources
      • Quick and easy update installation of the network client
      • Write small functions by yourself via individual internal scripts
      • Adjustments to templates, print reports, parts lists, etc. easy to make by yourself
      • Low maintenance

Business software and ERP system

The ingenious business software is a comprehensive ERP and invoicing system. All processes that a project or product goes through are reproduced comprehensibly. The linking of customer, project, product and order runs through all software modules. At any time you can display the collected documents for a contact, search for a project commission or evaluate the sales statistics of a product.

Whether as a carpenter, installer, tiler, drywall or painter, in every craft you need a solid software solution that you can use to organize your small or medium-sized business. Ingenious offers a fair module-based modular system, the ideal basis for craft businesses of different size classes.

The basic version contains all the basic functions needed to manage contacts, to write quotes / orders / invoices, to order material and to coordinate appointments.


Project processing / positions, payments, times, stock booking, price info, documents & notes, custom fields, file attachments


Article texts, prices, order data, pictures, file attachments, stock bookings, parts lists, price matrices, …

Purchase orders

Consignment, stock optimization, order assistant, minimum stocks, project consumption, multi-suppliers


Address and communication data, additional addresses, financial data, special prices, form letters, evaluations


Project times, billing, scheduling, team calendar, project link, contact reference

Incoming documents

Receipt documents, net entry, gross amounts, payment run

Your software for the roller shutter business

The Ingenious software was developed for and with companies in the roller shutter and sun protection sector. Here are products in a variety of versions, so-called variants, manufactured and traded. It is a strength of ingenious software to securely calculate these products in the various sales channels, such as back office, field service, retail and direct business, both in the company and on the Web. The product configurators, also known as parts lists or BOM, summarize all options, required materials and price components. For each customer-specific configuration of a roller shutter, a blind, a garage door or an awning, the individual parts are ordered and printed in the follow-up processes by pressing a button.

ERP system and production software

Ingenious is more than just quoting software. With ingenious you digitize your entire operation. With the professional plus modules, you can upgrade the billing solution to a powerful ERP and PPS system. Finally, with a variety of sales support, resource planning, and production control tools, you can bundle all business processes in one software.

  • Field service connection
  • Dealer portal
  • End customer price information
  • Phone interface
  • Automatic purchase orders according to project consumption
  • Warehouse bookings via barcode scanner
  • Control of production capacities
  • Planning board with utilization indicators
  • Disposition in case of overload
  • Paperless production
  • Cutting optimization
  • Machine control
  • Status feedback
  • Optimized tour planning
  • Smart loading lists
  • Automatic creation of shipping documents
  • Digital project folder
  • Bank interface (SEPA)
  • Provisions billing
  • Accounting export (e.g. Quickbooks)
  • Automatic dunning process

Ingenious global

In times of globalization it is natural for us to make the ingenious software multilingual. Both the user interface as well as the print templates and article texts can be localized. This allows both the use of the software in different countries, as well as the installation with mixed languages ​​within a company. Ingenious is delivered by default in German and English. Additional language packs for French, Slovenian, Dutch and Czech are available. Other languages ​​can be integrated with little effort in the context of a customer project.

For international use, not only the program languages ​​are relevant. The software must also be able to adapt to the customary measuring system. Ingenious works with both the metric and imperial (Anglo-American) systems of measurement. Entries and calculations are possible in mm, cm and inch / foot.

Companies that sell across borders also benefit from the multi-currency capability of ingenious software.

Ingenious individual

Data import

If you’re not new to starting your business, you’ve probably already “collected” a lot of data in another software solution. Of course, you want to preserve and reuse this data.
You want to continue using your customer base with its project history. This is easily possible with ingenious.

For 99% of all cases we offer the takeover of at least the individual articles , the customer data , any special price rules and project heads .

Project header data are the project addresses, numbers, and totals. Thus, evaluations are also possible for past years.

In many cases, depending on the legacy software, the individual project positions can also be taken over


You want to stand out from the competition and attract attention? You want to shine with your customers with attractive and clear offers?

In ingenious, all text templates are freely customizable to your corporate papers. With the help of placeholders, such as project addresses and free elements, such as a company logo, content and design elements can be arranged arbitrarily on the templates.

You can customize the included sample templates yourself, or you can rely on our experience and commission us with the design of your documents.

Individual development

The ingenious software already covers a broad range of functions in the standard scope. Additionally, module licenses allow you to quickly and easily extend plus features, such as the module for exporting sales data for inclusion in an accounting program such as Quickbooks. Also here is not the end.

Our developers gladly accept any challenge to expand the software to your liking. No matter if you need a small function to evaluate individual data or an entire statistics module, the possibilities are endless.

Many of the features included in ingenious have been implemented at the request of our customers.

Tailored training

We offer tailor-made training for different user groups to work with ingenious. Regardless of whether individual employees have to be trained or a department is to be instructed in a new module, every training is tailored to your needs.

Also the extent and the way of the training are free formable.
Answering collected questions of individual employees can be realized quickly and easily via remote maintenance. For the training of several employees to the entire program an on-site appointment in the company is certainly more appropriate.

Microsoft technologies

The Ingenious software is a modern software based on current Microsoft technologies. Developed with .NET in C #, the software relies on a Microsoft SQL database. The software tools used allow us to access many development resources. The Ingenious software is future-proof and can be used on current and supported operating systems from Microsoft.

Ingenious support

In our support section you will find tutorials, online help, video tutorials, and ingenious software updates.




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