Product configurators in the ingenious software

An ingenious product configurator presents the variants of an individualizable product in a clear form. All technical features and dependencies, such as minimum and maximum dimensions, etc., are taken into account. Even a user without background knowledge can configure his individual product very easily and technically feasible. Thus, the ingenious product configurators are easy to use both by the in-house administrators and, for example, by end customers in a webshop.

Product configurators for roller shutter and sun protection products

Configurators are used in many industries, for example in the roller shutter and sun protection industry. Each product type is available in different versions. A roller shutter can be produced as front-mounted or flush-mounted roller shutter, sometimes only a new shutter box or curtain or individual roller shutter profiles are needed. Customers can choose from a wide variety of shapes, colors, sizes, materials and controls. All these options can be displayed in a product configurator.

The range of ​​sun protection products for the house reaches from window and facade awnings, venetian blinds and textile screens for external installation – over internal sun protection such as blinds, roller blinds, folding blinds, panel curtains, vertical blinds, horizontal blinds and pleats – to awnings and roofs for terrace and winter garden.

Other possible configurators in the industry:

  • Garage doors: overhead doors, roller doors, rolling grilles, gate profiles
  • Insect protection: sliding frame, swivel frame, integrated insect screen vertically and horizontally, light shaft covers
  • Control systems: radio systems, central control systems
  • Controls: belt operation, crank, electric motor, wireless motor

Product configurators in the webshop

The ingenious product configurators are available for internal order processing and production as well as for publication in a webshop or on a company or product website.

Just as individual as the products of a company are, so are the configurators for selecting the options. An ingenious product configurator is clearly arranged.The number and presentation of the options is differentiated according to user group. In online configurators, in addition to the classic controls checkboxes, drop-down menus and free-text input, also radio buttons, image buttons and sliders are available. This allows a web configurator to be presented in an appealing way. Additional descriptions and thumbnails with true-to-scale technical drawings created in real-time serve the customer as additional input support.

Integration of product configurators in the software

The ingenious product configurator development kit is seamlessly integrated with all ingenious software products. The configurators form the basis for the calculation and the production. It does not matter whether the access is made by an in-house clerk or by a sales representative, by retailers or by end users online. All orders are stored directly in the central ingenious database.

Ingenious product configurators can also be integrated into the systems of other software manufacturers or complement existing third-party software via interfaces. A coupling with Microsoft Navision, Microsoft AX2012, SAP and various individual solutions has already been implemented in customer projects.

Benefit for your business

The added value for a company that uses one or more product configurators locally and on the Web is obvious.

  • In-house order entry: Configuration and calculation errors are minimized
  • Order by dealer: Delivery errors such as a fax order are excluded, duplication of the order is avoided.
  • Order entry by the field service: The sales representative is able to calculate the products safely at the customer’s site. He can present the offer directly to the customer.
  • Order / request by an end user: Customers can configure the desired product or try out alternatives on the company’s website. They feel free to choose the product and can determine the price differences of the different variants directly. The effort for order entry is shifted from the company’s agent to the customer.

Product configurators for other industries

Best known are product configurators in the automotive industry. On every website of the major automakers, the potential buyer can configure their individual vehicle. He can choose model, color, equipment, etc., sees a preview of his car and the list price.

Such a configurator you want on other product websites, too. An ingenious product configurator is industry independent. The configurators can be used for a wide variety of products. And – in contrast to most online PHP configurators – the ingenious product configurators are integrated into the merchandise management system or ERP system and are locally available both on the Web and for in-house order processing. Online inquiries and orders go directly to the company database.

For the following products we recommend configurators (selection):

Computer configurator
  • individual PCs: selection of processor, memory, hard disk, monitor, keyboard, mouse, warranty extensions, …
Bike configurator
  • City bike, touring bike, mountain bike, e-bike … for women, men, children;Choice of frame height, frame color, tires, circuit, accessories, …
Furniture configurator
  • Tables: Round, oval, rectangular, square tabletop; made of wood, veneered, glass, metal; with three or four legs with individual dimensions
  • Shelving systems: various widths, heights, depths, combinations, material, number of shelves, …
  • Configurator for individualized promotional items and gifts, eg cups, T-shirts, USB sticks, ballpoint pens, … with model selection, logo print, engraving, etc.
Product bundles

The product configurators are also ideally suited to allow customers to create individual product bundles into which, for example, discounts can be incorporated as opposed to individual purchases depending on the product selection.

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