Ingenious Web access

Active online sales support through Web integration

In addition to employees working in the local network, sales representatives can also access the customer and product data via a web component and calculate prices and make offers during the sales pitch.

Likewise, retailers can configure the products themselves online and order directly.

Advantages of ingenious online access

  • All offers and orders created locally and online are stored in a database
  • The product configuration is done via visual checklists with modern controls
  • All product configurators are independent of system manufacturers and individually tailored to each enterprise
  • The web connection is seamless, calculations and data exchange are done in real time

The online product configurators

The key element of all processes are the ingenious product configurators . These contain all the options of a product and their technical dependencies. From this, prices are calculated, warehouse outgoings booked and production instructions generated.

While experienced internal employees compile the product variants in simple checklists, the users of the web are given a visual view of the selection options.

In addition to the standard controls such as drop-down list, checkbox and text input, the following intuitive controls are available on the Web:

  • (Image-)slider
  • (Image-)buttons
  • Color picker

Each option can have its own additional information (eg a PDF, which is displayed via a tooltip).

In addition, a full-scale preview image can assist the user with the configuration.

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